2012-01-30 – 44 Days

Wait and you will See!

The Revolution will come, as sure as every Avalanche starts of with one small Piece of Stone or a tiny Bit of Snow…

And THIS will be OUR Day! ^_^

If YOU are a skilled Artist, no matter if Autodidacted, Freetime, Learned, Professional, Trained, Wannabee… and want to be a part of it, feel freaky, geeky, and most, unconformative enough to NOT be a part of this big Mess called Society, write an eMail with

“I am proud to be Different”

as the Concern or Topic to

“thehoinkforum at web dot de”

And let me know your profession. And I will let you in on the secret, if you promise to not babble it out everywhere, only to other artistic Geeks and Freaks. And I mean the real Stuff. No Wannabee Freaks!


Everybody writing to me about this, interested in WHAT is happening this day, will get informations on what is planned, and also instructions, BUT I take it for granted like a contract that after you have been informed, you contribute to whatever comes with a Drawing, a Song, a Lyric, a Poem, a Caricature, Illustration, a 3D-Animation… whatever suits you best, to send YOUR Part of the Message to the World.

Wanna be a part of a small stoned revolutionary Day?

Hail, yeah!


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