Life is Sane.

And that is a problem. Not the Insanes are, what troubles Society, but the Sanes.

People considered Sane have had the most Influences in History, on Society, on the Bevahiours of Many, it have been so called normal Ones, who decided the Fate of Nations in War, Religion, Ethical and Moralic Point of Views. It’s the Future that will judge our Actions, and it’s always the Winner who will write History, never the Looser.

Sure, nowadays we say Hitler, Mao, Stalin… have all been insane. But, why did they last for so long, why did they have so many followers, and had so much success in their cruel Goals and Intentions? Why do they still have Followers even today? Not because their Actions have been good or right! Because People at their time considered their Ways revolutional, for good or their Ideas for normal, and followed them.

Individuums who have been marked Anormal, Crazy, Demented, Insane, Mad, Strange,… have never been the Problem. They have been looked down upon, no matter if History later reestablished their Names as being great Artists, Discoverers, Explorers, Inventors, Philosophers, Revolutionists, Thinkers,  … of their times.

What “Sane” People do or think they should do, the Way they behave is what brings trouble, and often causes deep downfalls for Ethics, Morals, Nations, Societys in the end.

When Nature behaves sane, it causes Destruction, extincts whole Species and Races, changes it’s Apperance to evolve and fit better to the newer Times and Conditions arising. It changes, shapes and develops itself with Ice-Ages, Floods, Glaciers, Earthquakes, Avalanches, Rising and falling Oceans. And if Mother Nature does so, Humans often say this is cruel or a big Catastrophy. But it’s just a reasonable and rational behaviour of the World we live in, and the Force ruling it, no matter if you call it Mother Nature or God. Why can people not take a look at their own actions in the same way, and see a lot of their so called rational Behaviour is hopocratic, cruel and the truest Form of Insanity?

Spread a little Insanity today, an surprise people by thinking around corners they often do not even see, and give them a look upon their World they would have never imagined to see.



“The Evolution has stopped, because our Instincts were programmed for Selfextermination” – Darkane, Album “Insanity” (2001), Track “Pile of Hate”

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