Legal Disclaimer

All works shown on this page are solely Copyrighted by TheHOINK

If some other Work or Artist influenced an Illustration, these have been done for Fun, for Non-Financial Purposes, or for Studying Purposes, and there is a clear statement inside the Work’s Description, where the Inspiration was taken from. I do not want my own works and ideas to be stolen, so I will be as precise as in any way possible for me, where an inspiration was taken from.

Feel free to save Works for Non-Commercial purposes to your Computer, and spread the Word of the Freak to Families, Friends, Foes.

Any Commercial Use of TheHOINK’s Works will be followed, prosecuted, sued, and in the Consequence you will end up in my frying Pan for Vivian and Me for Dinner, accompanied by a good red wine.  So, consider Thrice what You are doing!